Annual Events and Things to do in Bequia


Diving in Bequia is considered by many the greatest in the Caribbean; it offers divers a heaven under water. With over 20 diving sites around different parts of the island in the crystal clear waters reachable within minutes, one can expect to see beautiful coral reefs and marine animals. For those seeking a slightly less adventurous but no less fascinating experience, snorkeling trips are offered, with equipment available for hire or purchase. There is a glorious underwater world just waiting to be discovered.

Night dives are also available.


Fishing is an increasingly popular sport on Bequia, with marlin, kingfish, tuna, and barracuda amongst the most readily available - often just with a hook and line. Part of the fun of going on a day charter is the prospect of catching your own dinner! Spear fishing is NOT permitted. An excellent range of fishing equipment and accessories, including snorkeling gear are available for purchase.

Boating & Cruises

This 80ft vintage schooner is a beautiful example of boat building that was once served as a mail boat. Now it runs tours throughout the Grenadines to various islands including Mustique and the Tobago Cays.


Bequia has very good weather conditions for windsurfing. The Trade Winds provides breezes though out the year, and a strong winds during the winter.

In the calm beach shallows on the leeward side, is ideal for kayaking, one of the most popular pastime.
Windsurfers and kayaks are available for rent from several venues, and lessons can also be arranged.


For a small fee tennis courts and equipment are available for rental (subject to availability).


Support the economy by purchasing form our local markets located near the heart of the town. Its traditional Caribbean style offers a bit of everything for everyone, such as, fresh fish from daily catch, fruit and vegetables fresh off the trees and a selection of T-shirts and other tourist souvenirs to take back home to your friends and family.

Eating Out

Dining out is one of the great pleasures of life, and on Bequia there are no exceptions. Bequia's wide range of restaurants, offer everything from rotis (a delicious traditional West Indian pasty, filled with curried meat or fish), lobster cooked to everyone's preference.

You can enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in a secluded areas far away from the crowds, with a delicious meal accompanied by local string music, or you may choose to be in a setting where there is a lively barbecue and steel band jump up, or dance the night away to local bands playing soca, reggae or rock. It's an experience you will never forget.

To guarantee seating and to avoid disappointment, reservations are advised. Most businesses can also be reached on VHF CH 68 or CH 16.

Princess Margaret Beach

The most popular Beach. This beach is simply breathtaking. Located just around the corner from Friendship Bay, it is one of the loveliest stretches of white sand on the island. To get there requires a slightly contrived journey; it's a narrow road off the main road and it takes about five-minute and cost approximately $10 USD if you decide to hire a taxi. You may also choose to ride on one of the boats idling in the harbor for about $20 USD.

Model Boat Shop

Crafted model boats are made here in Bequia and sold in galleries.


The best bookstore in the region stocks everything from charts, survey maps, yachting books, flora and fauna guides. Look through West Indian, North American and European literature and you may find some long out-of-print tomes you may like to buy.

Special Events


Nine Mornings
The unique Vincentian cultural tradition of "Nine Mornings" is enthusiastically celebrated in Bequia. For the nine nights before Christmas, music, singing and revels takes place up and down the island in an exuberant countdown to Christmas.

The precise origins of the custom are unknown, although it is believed to have developed in St. Vincent after emancipation, (and in its present form in the late 19th /early 20th century) as a fusion of multicultural forms of celebration - such as music, drums and dance - with the Christian festival of Christmas, and later, in association with the early morning Christmas Novenas, formerly celebrated at midday by the Catholic church.

Nine days before Christmas musical activities and carols often take place under the Almond Tree - sometimes starting at 4am in the morning - to the surprise and delight of many visitors longing for a good carol or two!

So don't be surprised if you hear songs and reveling into the wee hours in Christmas week; its all part of Christmas on Bequia!

Bequians take their carolling very seriously. Shortly before Christmas, groups representing the islands villages and communities compete in an evening carol competition attended by most of the island and its visitors.

Christmas And New Years
Christmas in Bequia is as enjoyable as Christmas everywhere in the world - good will and season's greetings is abundant. Families and friends get together to celebrate and to shop at the stores that are filled with unusual gifts and delicious treats for the season. Worshipers are invited to the midnight mass on Christmas Eve at the Anglican church in Port Elizabeth and the Catholic Church in Hamilton.

New Year's Eve in St. Vincent & the Grenadines is known as Old Year's Nigh. Many yachts visits the harbor (Port Elizabeth; capital) to ring in the new year with a spectacular firework display held over Bequia's harbor. Aground there are celebrations in every restaurant and bar along the sore lines. The generosity of individuals and businesses makes it possible to continue the tradition, it's always the climax to the holiday celebrations that no one wants to miss.

The New Year is celebrated with fireworks, flares, popping corks and warm embraces - shortly, thereafter, the partying begins!

Bequia's Admiralty Bay at midnight


Bequia holds and annual Mount Gay Music Fest & Mustique Blues Festival in Bequia very January usually for the 23rd - 26th.

The Blues Festival has become the must formust everyone visiting St. Vincent & the Grenadines in late January and early February. Most of the performances are held at Basil's Bar in Mustique, but Bequia hosts one Friday night performance - and a real party atmosphere pervades the venue when it's Bequia's turn to put on the show!

The line-up varies from year to year, with Dana Gillespie gathering around her a host of thrillingly talented musicians on guitar, piano, sax, drums and harmonica. Recordings are made of each year's performances and the resulting CDs sold to benefit the Basil Charles Foundation, which sponsors many Vincentian children through their secondary education.

Thursday, January 23rd
Frangipani Hotel, from 8.30pm:
Steel Pan Celebration -
13 piece Elite Steel Pan Orchestra

Friday, January 24th, De Reef Lower Bay, 8.30pm:
From Europe & USA:
Mustique Blues Festival in Bequia:
Dana Gillespie & "The London Blues Band"

Saturday, January 25th,
Bequia Beach Hotel, Friendship Beach 1pm
Jazz and Blues Jam by the beach

Saturday, January 25th, De Reef Lower Bay, 8.30pm
Bequia's Big Night - Caribbean Clash
Please check back for final line-up!

Sunday, January 26th, 12.30pm,
De Reef Lower Bay
Reggae, Rock & Blues on the Beach

Please check back for final 2015 line-up!


Bequia Easter Regatta
Bequia Regatta has taken place since ancient times. The event is internationally renowned as the largest regatta in the region. It is rightly famous for its unique blend of local boat racing, yacht racing shore-side activities and the hospitality of its people.

A fleet of more than thirty traditional local boats, boats from neighboring islands and yachts come together to race each other around Bequia. The races are held in categories with boats as short as 12 feet and as long as 28 feet. The yachts compete in five CSA-officiated Classes every one racing with the same verve and determination, striving to achieve that perfect harmony of boat, wind and sail. It's a fabulous, colorful long weekend, full of fun and camaraderie, skill and tradition.

The unique traditional local boat racing, and the well run, challenging yacht races which include the J24 Southern Caribbean Championship.

The island is always packed with people and the ocean with yachts from all over the world during the Easter Regatta period. Its love by everyone who attends.

Easter Regatta 2014 Schedule

April 17th - April 21st:
Thurs: Yacht Registration, Skippers Briefing
Friday: Yacht Races, Double-ender registration
Saturday: Double-ender & Yacht Races
Easter Sunday: Layday, S/H Yacht Race, Double-ender Races
Monday: Final day of Races, Grand Prize giving


Bequia Carnival
Bequia Carnival takes places at the end of June. With St. Vincent's "Vincy Mass" is now the nation's premier tourism event, Bequia's hopes to have its own Carnival move forward to become a true small island carnival and a permanent fixture in the island's cultural calendar.


Fisherman's Day
Bequia's Fisherman's Day (held on the first Saturday after Vincy Mas) is a lively and fiercely contested demonstration of the island's abundant skills at harvesting the waters that surround the island. The famous "Rotary Wives" cook the catches of the day and provides a delicious fresh barbecue and baked fish lunches, complete with rice and peas, dasheen, yams, plantains, green bananas, coucou, breadfruit and coleslaw.

The competition begins at darn, and all catches have to be in by early afternoon. The winner is chosen by the weight of the heaviest. There are various categories for the different types of fishing such as trolling, bottom line deep water and bottom line inshore. Spectators often come prepared to purchase the fresh fish straight off the dock.

March 14: National Heroes Day
August 1: Emancipation Day
October 27: Independence Day
December 25: Christmas Day
December 26: Boxing Day